About WDG

We have the know-how that you deserve.

From the moment you meet the Woodside team, you can feel it. We offer presence without pretense. There is no front. No wasted energy. We’re real people who appreciate candor
and consideration. And we treat you the same. It’s the only way we know. At Woodside, we do great work and we’re not afraid to say it. For over 35 years we’ve been bringing trusted and added value to businesses through our unique insights, solutions, and designs. The way we foster our relationships – the way we interact with you as a client and a partner – is positive and productive, the way it’s supposed to be. And we’re proud of that. We have been extremely fortunate that our approach and our talents have passed the true test of time. Throughout our history, Woodside Design Group has been honored with more than our share of client accolades, industry awards, and – most rewarding to us – referrals from our happy clients and long-lasting relationships.


when it all started

With a clear vision and a relentless passion: our mission was to create a simpler, more efficient, and more personalized design and communications agency. At WDG, we cultivate business relationships that evolve into true partnerships. Our personalized approach ensures our appropriate plans deliver efficient and effective results. Our clients place their trust in us knowing that we live and breathe their brand. We take pride in becoming an essential part of their marketing team to promote their brand and drive their business forward.


Our credo

We believe that actions are more important than words. We are committed to keeping our promises and we understand that the manner we conduct our business is as important as the results we achieve. WDG takes great pride in the value created through our project management and design talents in leading your company to success. We foster a strong culture based on integrity, respect, excellence and innovation. One where diversity is recognized and one where leadership and talent is the hallmark of our agency.