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It all started in 1985, with a clear vision and a relentless passion: Create a simpler, more efficient and personalized design and communications agency.

It’s Real.
From the moment you meet the Woodside team, you can feel it. We offer presence without pretense. We’re real people who appreciate candor and consideration. It’s the only way we know.

It’s Good.
At Woodside, we do good work and we’re not afraid to say it. For 25 years we’ve been bringing value to businesses through unique insights, solutions, and designs. The way we handle our relationships and the way we interact with you as a client and a partner is positive and productive.

It Works.
We have been extremely fortunate that our approach and our talents have passed the test of time. Throughout our history, Woodside Design has been honored with more than our share of client accolades, industry awards and – most rewarding to us – referrals.